Thursday, June 2, 2011

Embracing ‘Now Time’

Customarily we think of saving for the rainy day. Many of us do it and it’s a wise thing to do. We need be careful, however, not to store up so much that will never be used, missing our opportunities to sow into life.

Now time is a principle enfolded in the ancients.

There have been thousands of years of now time that have, until now, either been spent wisely or foolishly; mostly the latter as is our nature. Saving our now time is not a wise investment. Once ‘now’s’ gone it’s gone forever.

We’re given the moment — this very second, in fact — as a down-payment to live eternally, which is to appreciate from where our time comes, and always to keep that firmly in mind as we live it.

The ‘Long Life’ Fallacy

Life seems so long. Frankly, it isn’t. It’s not long on our terms as we look back; it’s not long on God’s terms that way either.

The candle’s snuffed out all too soon and that’s the case for those who wither and die, not counting the cases of acute death — those taken suddenly away; forever gone. It may be horrible to put it that way, but it’s the truth.

What now is being put off that could or should be done?

What are we missing out on — that God has perhaps willed for us to enjoy, including giving — because we’re so bent on saving?

Why are we living ultra-conservatively when God has asked us to live vibrantly, openly and freely? There are, of course, many similar questions we could add.

Where ‘Long Life’ is True

The longest life possible is the one that is packed to the brim, not with stuff, busyness and activity, but with meaning.

More that life has meaning, the more hope there is, and the slower — in bliss — our days become. Suddenly we look over the year that’s gone and we don’t feel so cheated. Instead we’re contented.

We embraced our now time and we know we had good value for it.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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