Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Social Media and the Sounds of Silence

Photo by Kristina Flour on Unsplash
SO much noise, so little effect, so many voices, never do they connect.
With many exceptions I’m sure, social media appears to epitomise the chasm of confusion so pivotal in this age — understanding that appears person to person but is lost beyond that precious medium. That paradox remains: utter disconnection and consummate union, simultaneously. Too much for the mind to bear.
The Sound of Silence was prophetic of an age just dawning in that 1960s era, yet perhaps ever there as a possibility of a culture gone awry.
Apocalyptic in presence, there is a darkness that is ever alluring, especially as we enter the darkness. Darkness takes us to a deeper starkness we always suspected was there. Our curiosity causes us to search it out without fear, yet risking, we feel we could become trapped there. The longer we stay there the more we risk not returning to that previously lit reality. The longer there, the more the possibility that the present becomes the only reality possible. The rules there are incomprehensible. They lack structure and safety. Perhaps we go there in our dreams. I have.
Social media in this day is noisy, but it’s a noise that has no real substance. It makes no contribution of lasting value. There is too much misunderstanding, too little coherence and care, too much spin.
The world has lost its way. The stillness has been ripped out of the clutches of silence.
The world is an orphan, having lost all its identity, and every link of where it came from.
Suddenly silence, which was replete with import, has no meaning. Unless we, by our intention, shut the ridiculous world out, restoring ourselves to silence in keeping with the rhythm of our hearts, especially as our hearts resonate with others’ hearts and the heart of life and God. An ever redemptive, connective heart.
Where is the hope? It’s in connection, in deeper connection, where understanding is shared, even as we might wonderfully understand ourselves.
Social media is shutting us out from ourselves. It has already shut us out of genuine fellowship with others.
Why do we continue? Because we’re trapped in the unbearable fear of missing out. This is what it has come to. Please like me. Please share. Please engage. Please make me fit into your algorithm. Even when I admit I have lost my way, which now seems secondary, even tertiary.

Acknowledgement to the unfathomable The Sound of Silence (Simon and Garfunkel, 1964) and the innovation of a man to be known as Simon.

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