Monday, July 31, 2017

The Sustaining Power of Hope in One Memory of Victory

JUST one taste of victory — one solitary experience — is enough to inspire hope that that hope can happen again. Even amid failure after defeat after relapse after disappointment. Amidst trials through despairs through trauma through calamity. If what occurs to us is juxtaposed with sight of possibilities, real events that have happened before, a future we can believe in exists.
Sums up the importance of revelatory experiences of resurrection. That time or those times where we were raised without first anticipating it. When somehow, we arose like the phoenix from the ashes.
Maybe it’s a vision of a time that hasn’t even happened yet. By definition, a vision.
It doesn’t matter what kind of reality it is, if it gives hope it fuels faith, and faith compels love to commit to the journey.
Christian faith is powered by a phenomenon of miracles; inexplicable encounters where it could only have been that God acted.
God can provide innovative, original solutions to age-old problems experienced by all. Only our Lord could do this, repetitively, according to His own will. Because in God’s economy, all things are possible.
Ask any Christian who has experienced some grace they could neither understand nor explain. That hope that indwells them is unshakable. Though they cannot put a finger on it, they cannot fail in believing it can happen again. And that faith means they endure the arduous passage of the journey. To keep stepping faithfully is all that matters.
Hope is that quality of life that sits in the memory; an unforgettable grace-gift of God that compels obedience.

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