Sunday, February 5, 2017

Liberation or Captivity

CHOICES. We all have choices. An everyday choice that we all have for our mental health’s sake is whether we choose for liberation or captivity.
By our thinking, we come to be.
By our intentionality, we have our being, whether we allow ourselves to become captive to negative thinking or we choose to debunk what can only see us strewn.
Sustained mental health via the strength of resilience isn’t simply about saying the words, but it’s about thinking the actions out into reality.
We connect good thinking with energy that comes from belief that resists captivity. That compels us to act in faith. Acting in faith is done trusting that results will come, and they do always, eventually.
So, do we choose:
-         The tyranny of the blues or the triumph of life, for it is ours?
-         To give into exhaustion or to execute the wisdom of saying no to unreasonable demands?
-         To worry about the coming days after this one, or to stay in this moment of the coming hour?
-         To question others’ motives and their sedition, or to rearrange our thoughts in giving them the benefit of any doubt, which they very well deserve?
-         To stop making comparisons with others, and to start comparing with Jesus, alone?
-         To break the chains of a self-imposed oppression, or to allow the chains to bind ever tighter?
-         To delay important decisions until such a time we’re mentally composed, or to make choices we could otherwise sorely regret?
-         To spend our time with our loved ones, or to waste time on a pipedream that means we must neglect family?
-         The wondrous curiosity of joy, or the choice to extend sorrow?
By our choices we sink to depths we cannot rise from or we rise from depths we’ll never sink to again.

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