Thursday, September 22, 2016

Four Reasons You Inspire Me

When other people inspire us we know we’re close to God.  When we see little of what should frustrate us in life, yet we see life’s beauties, we’re blessed by a Presence that can only be God.  And, yet, when frustrations and judgment against others mount, we’re reminded what’s missing: God.
Let us see the God-infused goodness in each other.
You inspire me, because:
1.     You won the race.  You defeated all-comers to become you.  That was a competition of the millions.  If you ran the Boston Marathon, you’d probably not finish in the top 100, but the day you were conceived you won a marathon for life!  God made you possible and you agreed to be created… and you were.
2.     In spite of the trials you have or have had as an infant, a child, a teen, and young adult, you’ve still resolved it’s not too late to reconcile these matters.  In your deepest places, you’ve not given up on becoming better.  And you will have seen the fruit of such a resolve.
3.     Though you complain about life when it’s not going so well, you decide to keep going.  You persist.  Perseverance is something you’ve mastered and will continue to improve at.
4.     And finally, you will finish your race.  Don’t give up.  God isn’t done with journeying through you in this world.  When He says it’s over, then it’s over; not a moment beforehand.
So, in sum:
1.     God created you, and you agreed to be created.
2.     You endured the trials through your development into adulthood.
3.     You persevere the best you can.
4.     You will finish your race.
These are the four reasons you inspire me.
I am thankful for the cogent Presence of God, today.  Tomorrow is tomorrow’s matter.

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