Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Birth of Change in Grief as Compensation for Loss

It’s been said that on the tranquil waters of surrender the reflections of clarity appear (Bryant McGill).
Myriads of people who’ve experienced gut-wrenching primal loss have wondered if such death in loss has mete out death itself — surely death can’t be any worse than such loss, it is thought!  Such a scarily normal pattern of thought we ought always to be forgiven for.
There’s a bridge required right there.
What takes us to that soul stillness of poise amid the grief in loss where we grapple seismic moments?
There is the need of hope.  And the Lord’s provision is found in the birth of change in and through us; change, albeit, we’d never wish ever to be forced to encounter and experience.
Change occurs, and that change is growth, if we don’t become bent out of shape in the process of our grief.
Change appearing as growth is the compensation we’re given for the fact we’ve borne loss.  Grief takes us on a journey to another land of being, always to a fresher, more valiant perspective, even if we still hate what we’ve been forced to experience.
So out of change comes the awareness of growth, and that is the viability of hope that stretches us out in faith enough to cover the journey.
We may find it is grief itself that sponsors that journey so we can transition to that new locale we never asked to travel to, but that which is interminably good for us.  We often cannot tell until we get there whether it’s beneficial or not.  Even if we’re not enamoured of the outcome there is a maturity with which we’ve come to personify.
In the death experienced in loss is the birth of change; growth in our person for what we’ve endured.
Hope is resident out of grief when we experience the compensation of growth.
When surrender meets the moment of acceptance, finally loss gives grief its meaning.
© 2016 Steve Wickham.

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