Thursday, March 31, 2016

When You’re Down, Expect To Be Picked Up

FAITH cops a flogging many days of our lives, but it’s when we give up on our faith that we’re left flogged.  Really, the longer we’re down the more expectant we should be that God’s about to do something new.
If we don’t give up, we cannot remain down and out.  Only when we resign ourselves to expect what we’ve got will we get what we’ve got.
When we’re down, God is about to pick us up; encouragement is just around the corner.
When we’re down, we’d generally rather protect our pride than risk optimism for what will ultimately take place.  A corner is about to be turned.  We’re headed for that corner.
There is nothing surer than the prospect of being delivered from that horrendous day.
When impatience strikes and we’re tempted to strike out in anger, what defuses the anger and appeases the frustration?  Something funny.  Do something to have a giggle.
When fear racks our experience with anxious murmurings, what eradicates that sense of dread?  Staring that fear in the face and choosing to smile, and to start to step, or keep stepping, in faith.
When we have no oomph about us, and the depression’s driven deep, what challenges that lethargy that would keep us down?  The setting of a simple, achievable goal; something to do straight away, without even a moment’s doubt.
When we’re down we need to expect that we’ll soon have reason to be picked up.
When we think up our situation expectantly, we choose a God-fulfilling prophecy, and they always tend to come true.

© 2016 Steve Wickham.

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