Friday, February 19, 2016

The Contentedness of Acceptance for Today’s Reality

LIFE has a way of taking us into the tasks of turmoil, and life doesn’t so much as apologise.  Yet life is the opportunity of learning, of adapting, of embracing, of accepting.  Life isn’t so much unfair as it’s an existence to be understood.
If we understand that life is what it is — that we can change what we can change, yet we must accept what we cannot — then life is an academic pursuit of sorting out what we can change from what we can’t.
Quite plainly, a day, any day, can be enjoyed.  Any day can be accepted; embraced; thrived upon.  Even in the pit of grief there remains that possibility (though some days it’s impossible).
Today is a gift, a prize to be accepted, a thousand breaths to be breathed, and a hundred sights to be seen; it’s some tears to be shed, a dozen sneezes, and several kinds of interactions, like the colours of the rainbow.
Holding open the possibility that today will be a day, unique of its kind, special even if it weren’t that special, we sense what is preloaded into the day, even as the sun rises innocuously above the horizon.
Chock full of both hope and despair, purpose and pain, levity and sorrow, life is what it patently is; and reality is to be respected.
Reality is never to be feared, just understood.  Emotions are not to be frightened of, just accepted.  The thought of happiness as a goal isn’t to be ridiculed, just appreciated.

© 2016 Steve Wickham.

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