Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Holding On When You Can Hold On No Longer

Whenever we find ourselves on the seas of fury, tossed and thrown around, so ready to give up, we just have to find a way to keep going.
One more step... then one more...
With each step made is strength... found... from nowhere.
That’s faith.
Faith is acquired as a necessity, an indispensable journeying companion, for hellish trips and fearful expeditions.
Courage is the meal faith dines on immediately before it enters intrepidly on the journey; a snack partaken of as fear rises up like a beach-breaking wave; a morsel for calming the nerve enough to keep going in blindness.
Keep going!
Tough as this quest is, tough as the present moment seems, and tough as endurance feels impossible, to keep going is possible.  The options otherwise are untenable.  We daren’t go there!  For hell is an abyss, a very certain spiral into a nether land of purposeless confusion.
But it’s still impossibly hard.
Faith says that what seems impossibly hard is possible if we refuse to believe it’s hopeless.  A conviction of, and a commitment to, resolute cognition.  Faith insists on believing upon the invisible; the barren wasteland makes way for a vision that is hoped for — that which we insist be seen!
Bring in hope, as if an abating of the winds, the calming of the swell, the ceasing of driving rains — at least as our mind’s eye sees for the hope coming.
And it is tenacity that facilitates the break through, about the time we were, again, about to give it all up.
Faith believes in God when there is so much evidence — in our human minds — that God is a figment.  And faith is confidence on loan in a vacuous hope; it will get us through if we don’t give up.
Yes, so, whenever we find ourselves tossed and thrown on furious seas, so ready to abandon everything, we just have to find a way to keep going.
To keep going in the throes of hell is to go the way of hope and faith; the apparent denial of human reality in belief that God has a different plan.
To keep going when all seems utterly lost; that’s courage, faith, hope, tenacity, and a determined resolve that waits on God.
To keep going is the only way to a certain victory.
Keep going.  A harvest awaits.  God is with you.  All is not lost as it seems.  Pray for serenity in the hopelessness, for strength from nowhere in weakness, and for poise under the extremities of pressure.
© 2015 Steve Wickham.

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