Sunday, May 31, 2015

Cool Relief Even Within the Hardships of Life

WHERE do we seek our relief?
From the wiles of life that stretch us and seek to conform us to their image — in the face of our resistance — we do well to be gentle. To be realistic. To be generous of spirit to ourselves. To land in a second, and better a minute or two, of stillness, in spite of the difficulties at hand.
Learning to live our new lives now could be an anthem for life.
Learning’s the grandest achievement of humility from whence we cannot go wrong.
Learning to live is a process never perfected, which sends ripples of peace through us to our core of soul. Never perfect and never expected to be perfect. Perfectly imperfect, indeed. Learning to live is the acceptance of the many mistakes, failures and foibles that intrude all over our pride. Humility is the better way. Say sorry. Prove we understand. Make it right, if we can. If we cannot, promise to try better next time. Seek forgiveness. It’s all we can do and it’s all anyone should require of us.
Our new lives begin now, in the picturesque harmony of brokenness that, in Christ, not only doesn’t ruin us, it makes us the unconquerable warrior God knows we are.
Every day we wake up a new creation capable of blessing God and others by being a blessing just because we can be! Oh how good is life when we realise that we were given a mind to overcome, and hearts to embody the passion to compel our mind.
Now is the ordinance of hope for a brighter moment, yes, even now. Even in the hardship, to take one’s poise and enjoy the matters of God that no one can ever know. Our experience is ours, and the secrets of the Kingdom are dwelt in our hearts.
What cool relief it is to know we can learn to live this new life now: that life starts again at the flick of a switch — a decision to turn and go and love!
May it be to you that you are blessed in the heavenly realms as you decide for joy.
May it be to you that you find hope from your soul’s insistence on gratitude.
May thankfulness be your song as your hum a hymn.
And may the inspiration of the ancient’s be your inspiration as they breathe old life — eternal life — into your new life.
© 2015 Steve Wickham.

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