Thursday, February 19, 2015

Smashing Out of Depression

Possibilities for healing are endless, yet we do not control them one iota.
God does.
There is the possibility we can smash our way out of certain depressions – and other mental health ills. Not all, of course. There are some maladies that seem immovable. But, then, of God’s grace, anything can possibly shift.
Smashing out of anything of the mind is not a violent phenomenon at all.
We need to get that straight as we begin.
But what isn’t violence does have impact and it does have a miraculous feel about it. It’s simply a paradigm shift that occurs. That first, and then, secondly, the courage to act in the moment – with no delay.
The first is God’s miraculous agency of revelation. The second is our immediate obedience to that calling of God placed on our lives to a very definite extent.
We may pray for a miracle. When we get it, loath are we to ignore what we are asked to do because of fear or doubting. God will not ask us to go into personal danger.
But a risk is almost always asked of us – to give up something precious. Sometimes when we are asked to give something up – like what happened with Abraham in Genesis 22 – God will not actually require it. But we need to be entirely ready to give anything up or commence anything that God leads us to do that will help.
The ‘smash out’ happens suddenly, yet it may need some shoring up to complete.
Perhaps it helps if we are guided in our journey by a wise and trusted advisor or two.
As I write I’m wary of being responsible in how I detail this. I have experienced this divine help more than once – more than once when depressed and once after a two-week bout of extraneous anxiety.
At the centre of our capacity to procure of God a way out is the tenacity to search.
If we are desperate to restore our health, God should see our tenacity and aid us by his revelation. There is just so much wisdom to be sorted through and tried on, however.
The search will require great patience.
Nobody in the tumult of depression wants to stay that way. Everyone wants a viable way out. There is no one-size-fits-all approach that works. But if we genuinely desire to work hard in courage there is a great deal of hope for the restoration of health.
Note: never should we take healing for depression for granted. Never should we imply a person is weak for being depressed and not being able to overcome it. The irony is enduring depression requires great courage and strength.
© 2015 S. J. Wickham.

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