Monday, November 24, 2014

The Importance of Taking Time to Think

Sitting in your bedroom, doing nothing, just thinking, imagining, creating, musing ever about nothing at all, pondering the future five minutes or a vision fifty years away; free within oneself. It’s the engagement of the senses in the meanderings of life, the rolling around in the mouth of a precious drop and the savouring of the velvety thoughts.
Many, many people are shackled to thoughts very far from freedom and, hence, they escape, and regularly. Escaping is done in myriad manner of activity and abandon; all of which is counterproductive.
Thinking for Healing
Thinking along the lines of pain seems counterintuitive – thinking as therapy. But to go into such a practice requires both courage and the felt Presence of God. Such thinking is likely to tip us over into the emotional abyss; tears to stream down the cheeks, heaves with every fresh thought of the carnage one experiences or perceives as possible to experience.
Thinking for healing involves the courage of facing one’s insurgent reality, going there with God, and allowing the resultant emotions to have their way. That of itself requires the courage of vulnerability – to feel safe enough not to protect oneself.
Healing necessitates a new paradigm; a fresh way of attitudinal approach; patterns and modes of thought that add value. And the key indication of healing – mental, emotional, and spiritual healing – is that thought, and room for thought, can be easily, readily, and enthusiastically accommodated.
Thinking for Raw Enjoyment
For the sake of sanity, being alone and free and wild about our thoughts, wherever they take us, we can easily while the hours away. Thinking for raw enjoyment is a blessing to the mind in such a way that the whole of our being feels great. There could be no artificial high to match it.
The heights of human experience are enjoyed more and more from the vantage point of the mind stimulated by thought abundant enough to make the felt experience second to none.
When we receive such a blessing as to be free without care in our minds, what is to be our due response? To thank God! It’s all that is due.
It is a gift to be free enough to think and to allow that blessed freedom to permeate the consciousness. The wellbeing experienced mounts up on wings like joy. The peace of cognitive abundance is exhilarating.
Free of mind,
And free of heart,
That’s how all,
Of God’s blessings start.
© 2014 S. J. Wickham.

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