Friday, January 17, 2014

From Brokenness to Blessing

When mature people collude,
There is an abiding pattern of peace,
They get beyond temptation to be rude,
And they afford for themselves, release.
It is amazing what can be achieved when two mature people come together for the common good. There is room for reconciliation always; and, even a reconciliation that sees past the brokenness of the situation, for reconciliation is not always about putting things back together as it once was. But it is always stepping obediently with God in order to love the other.
RECONCILIATION is the masterstroke of the Spirit of God between two people who seek the common good despite their inherent differences.
From brokenness to blessing can two people go, if they both agree to respect each other, which comes to be apparent as trust flows in advance of each for the other. We must learn to trust those we don’t trust, who are also inherently related to us. There is no point in relating with people where there is little or no trust. And if two people who have a history together can learn to trust again, it’s a bonus for them both and many connected with them.
From brokenness to blessing is the boldness to dream not simply idealistically, but of hope for a better, more desired future. It’s about acknowledging the brokenness – that continuing state – but it’s also about acknowledging the redemptive nature of hoping and striving for the best even out of brokenness.
The All-or-Nothing Entity of Hope
Hope only has one positive direction: all the way toward reconciling the unreconciled compartments of any story. Hope is an all-or-nothing thing. It sees a bright future for everyone connected in the brokenness of a situation. It cannot reconcile the possibility of a good product for some and not for others. Hope is win/win.
Hope, therefore, hopes boldly, always expecting to do grander things for the common good than many may otherwise think are possible.
All this is why hope is to be relied upon. It stops at nothing to achieve a result worthy of God – it glorifies God.
And each person who works from brokenness to blessing is using a hope construct.
Reconciliation is the masterstroke of the Spirit of God between two people who seek the common good despite their inherent differences. They serve the other so hope may thrive for the whole. Trust flows and respect thrives when differences are set aside for the common good.
© 2014 S. J. Wickham.

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