Friday, November 1, 2013

Holding On When You're Ready To Give Up

“You don’t need strength to let go of something. What you really need is understanding.”
Have you ever considered the truth in paradox? That is, to hold in tension the power of truth with its opposite realities, for example: Holding on when you want to let go sometimes means letting go of the want to hold on.
What does this mean? It suggests that holding on requires letting go – yes, letting go of the right things in the right way. They say that the wrong way to change is to continue to do things the same way, expecting better results. Sometimes, indeed most often, we tend toward frustration by the forcing of issues that needn’t ever need forcing in the first place.
What does all this mean?
We know it by instinct – we make ourselves our own worst enemies by the pressure we place on ourselves and our relationships.
If only we can surrender the desire to be ‘stronger’ and wistfully enter a serene gait of spirituality we may be aided a whole lot more, by taking the pressure off. When we let go of the want to hold on, suddenly holding on becomes easier, even effortless. The strength we sought just to hold on is a pitiable strength when compared with this serene strength that comes sponsored on the wings of the Holy Spirit.
Entering the Paradox to the Winning of Real Strength
Giving up is a secret power that most do not know about, having never experienced it. But this is a special type of giving up that is actually opposite to the type of giving up we tend to think of.
There are two forms of giving up trying... the typical form and the atypical form. The typical form is what the world tells us to do all the time – “This is ridiculous... you shouldn’t put up with this... you are worth more...” Sometimes these statements are right – when we are being abused or neglected. But sometimes these sorts of statements aren’t helpful – that convince us that giving up – prematurely – is appropriate.
The atypical form of giving up is paradoxical: we give up trying... to manipulate things... to always have the right answers... in being perfect. So, we can see that sometimes letting go of the want to hold on can be a very successful and surprisingly easy method.
Holding on when you want to let go sometimes means letting go of the want to hold on.
Sometimes trying is pointless. When we come to the end of our trying, real strength is finally accessible.
© 2013 S. J. Wickham.

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